Mini Masters (Newborn to 3yrs)

In the Mini Masters class, children and their care givers have the opportunity to see, hear, sing, move and play along with live music. Contemporary tunes that parents will know as well as classic childhood songs are combined to create fun, energetic and stimulating sessions. Each class features real instruments for children to play and exposes participants to a variety of styles, musical influences and songs. 

Classes are tailored to the very earliest stages of child development. They:

- Expose children to different sounds and words which helps build verbal skills
- Help to develop motor skills
- Encourage children to vocalize
- Begin to introduce hands-on learning with instruments

Jr. Rock Stars (3yrs to 7yrs)

In our Jr. Rock Star classes, the focus is on expanding students' musical foundation prior to moving on to a specific instrument or genre. To achieve that goal MSM uses a unique method of multi-instrumental classes, and stage performance so that younger children are exposed to a broad range of musical styles in an environment that is fun and which keeps them motivated and inspired.

Rock Star classes are the next step for a child's musical development. They:

- Further familiarize students with a wide variety of instruments
- Introduce children to multiple musical concepts, theory & styles
- Preparation for private and/or semi-private lessons 
- Small groups for more personalized attention






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